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Guest Blog: SHPE- American Innovation depends on access to STEM for the fastest growing youth population

March 20, 2012

This is a post in the STEMconnector™ Guest Blog Series featuring the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

“The projected growth in science, engineering, technology and math careers and the current projected shortage in STEM talent to fill the need must continue to drive our community and nation to ensure that US Hispanics are educated and have access to a growth industry of tomorrow.


Growth in STEM jobs is three times greater than non STEM jobs and workers earn 25 percent more than their non STEM counterparts. Although companies are seeking STEM talent, our country falls far behind in educating future engineers and scientists needed to fill those jobs. The US is only graduating 5 percent of students with science and math degrees while countries such as China and India are producing 78 percent of science and engineering graduates. Walk through numerous companies today and you’ll see that their technical, engineering and science needs are filled by foreign workers with work visas.


Our nation’s capacity to be a global innovator depends on the fastest growing youth population in the US to have access to and trained in fields that will lead to medical innovation, technological advances and solutions to energy and environmental issues facing the globe. Hispanics account for 60 percent of the growth in public schools and population projections show a continuation of growth among Hispanics.


SHPE has seen first-hand what happens when we inspire our youth to believe in the future and dream of becoming the innovators of tomorrow and strive to be the ones solving critical global issues with STEM. Today, SHPE has 318 chapters nationwide with every major university with a STEM focus. Hispanic STEM professionals have also created SHPE professional chapters. SHPE’s university chapter members are supporting each other, mentoring younger students, sharing study skills, coordinating science nights with middle and high school students and their parents. SHPE chapter members are touching lives and truly making a difference.


Each year, SHPE gathers the greatest minds in STEM to recognize their contributions through our STAR Awards Show which is part of the SHPE National Conference—the nation’s largest Hispanic technical conference. This year, SHPE will be proud to host the 2012 SHPE National Conference in Fort Worth, Texas on November 14 – 18.


SHPE coordinates leadership training, scholarships, and internships for students and professionals in STEM , as well as management and executive trainings. Together with our sponsors and partners, SHPE is ensuring that this nation will recapture its position as the global innovator. I invite you join SHPE as we develop a world-class workforce to address the grand challenges of the 21st Century.”


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