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MathAlive! Tweetup

February 16, 2012

Raytheon’s first ever Tweetup, featuring a private tour of the new MathAlive! Exhibit! The Tweetup will be on March 9that 2 PM at the Smithsonian’s International Gallery in Washington, DC. Those in attendance will get a sneak peek at the interactive galleries– which feature activities related to sports, robotics, video games, and space– before the exhibit is open to the public. They will also be greeted by special guests, including the tweeters behind @raytheon and @mathmovesu.

All @raytheon and @mathmovesu followers are eligible to attend, and Raytheon will select 100 lucky registrants to get an exclusive look at MathAlive! Those interested must submit their registration form by Tuesday, February 21st, at noon EST. Those chosen to attend the Tweetup will be alerted by Monday, February 27th. Tweeting at this event will be highly encouraged!

Smithsonian’s International Gallery is located in the Ripley Center, at 1100 Jefferson Drive, Washington, DC, near the Smithsonian/Mall metro station.

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