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STEMconnector Directory adds over 200 Federal Government Profile!

January 27, 2012

With the release of the White House Committee of Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math (CoSTEM) on December 9, 2011, STEMconnector set out to make sure this federal inventory of government STEM programs was included in the STEMconnector Directory.  Additionally, we wanted to make sure all the programs we had in our Directory were up to date.

The result is 313 Federal Programs spanning 17 Departments and Agencies:

Agriculture (25)
Commerce (21)
Defense (25)
Education (14)
Energy (27)
Environmental Protection Agency (6)
Health & Human Services (54)
Homeland Security (9)
Interior (13)
Justice (2)
Labor (1)
NASA (62)
National Science Foundation (37)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (4)
State (2)
Transportation (8)
Veterans Affairs (1)

One thing we did notice as we compiled these federal programs, is that we believe there are many more federal STEM initiatives that deserve inclusion on our site.  We will continue to add more programs, as we are constantly working to make our site better every day!

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