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Get on the site! Here’s what everybody is saying about StemConnector™

December 5, 2011

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Live Launch of STEMConnector™.Org last Wednesday!  From our corporate sponsors to our enthusiastic twitter followers, none of this would be possible without you!  Here is what people are saying about STEMConnector™:


“Proud to join STEMconnector™’s Launch. Promoting STEM is crucial for the U.S. to out‐innovate
and out‐educate our global competition.” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

“There is a demand for a workforce that represents the demographics of our nation and the world.
This calls for all of our institutions to step up. STEMconnector™ is a brilliant idea.   There have been
pockets of activity around STEM in universities and colleges throughout the country but to bring
together business, industry, our political community, our students and graduate students in
STEMconnector™ gives us a potency and power that is unimaginable. The in‐depth work that
STEMconnector™ is doing is critically important to Howard University.” Dr. Sidney Ribeau. President,Howard University.  

“STEMconnector™ will transform the way we partner and address gaps in our system related to
STEM careers and education.    It will enable organizations like ours to focus our resources more
effectively in building a sustainable talent pipeline.” Meghan Bracken, KPMG

“Congratulations! The site is truly a unique and one of its kind resource.” Christine McEntee.
Executive Director, American Geophysical Union. “On behalf of the American Geophysical Union… Bravo! Thanks for the opportunity to collaborate with everyone.” Pranoti Asher. Manager, Education and Public Outreach, American Geophysical Union

“A big congratulations to all!   This is a really fine team you have created.   Thank you for your
leadership and vision!  It is really special to be a part of something so important to the development
of our nation’s future.” Susan Pullin. Vice President Corporate Responsibility, CSC

“Yesterday was an exciting day, and it was only the start! Thanks for the opportunity to be part of
this team. I am delighted with STEMconnector™™. It exceeds the vision as we originally described it
back in the spring.” Kimberly Admire Adams, Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equal
Opportunity Programs, Lockheed Martin Corporation

“This is AWESOME. Congrats to the team. Honored to be part of the family” Nancy Conrad, Conrad

“In concert with other the comments, yesterday your team brought the pinnacle of the ‘STEM hill’
into view.   I am confident that having essentially moved a hill that this collaboration will now
proceed to move mountains. My compliments!” Ed Doody, NRCCUA


“On behalf of NASA, I am really excited to be a part of this. Excellent achievement! Thanks for
bringing me along the way.” Karen Harper, NASA 

“Just one word:  Wow! Way to go STEMconnector™ team. Thanks for inviting MentorNet and me to
the party…. and the party is just beginning.” David Porush. CEO, MentorNet

“It’s a phenomenal one‐stop resource! Bravo! Thanks for your exceptional leadership!” Antonio R.
Flores. President and CEO, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)

“Great new resource for #STEM education & careers!” Tweeted by Department of Education.
“The Launch gave me greater understanding of the capacity of STEMconnector™. My initial
understanding and perceptions of its utility are much greater today. After seeing it work it does
seem to be helpful… ‘Goggle on steroids’… Thanks to you and your great team for accomplishing a
lot with meager resources… impressive.” Don Floyd, CEO, National 4‐H

“Awesome job! Still can’t believe how far we have come.” Neddy Perez, VP, Ingersoll Rand
“I hope that you are all celebrating this evening with your favorite food and beverage. I am very
happy to have the opportunity to be a part of such an outstanding effort.” Patrick Gusman,
Executive Director, ConvergeUS

“I participated in the STEMconnector™ site launch (and tweeted about it)!   Awesome!
Congratulations on this great achievement.  What an amazing resource for STEM education. Thanks
for all you do!” Mareisha Winters, Director STEM, Johnson C Smith

“Spectacular! Just cruised the site. Phenomenal work. Congratulations to that whole team who
worked so hard to put together such a wonderful tool. It will be amazingly helpful to all who care
about this work” Susan R. Bodary, Partner, Education First

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