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Utility Companies doing BIG things to promote #STEM

November 29, 2011

When STEMconnector™ launches tomorrow at 2PM, users will be able to browse 30 Utility companies doing big things to promote STEM education and careers.  Here is a small taste of these cutting-edge programs STEMconnector™ will highlight:

Over the next few years, the energy industry will have a large need for overhead line-workers, who are skilled workers that install or repair cables or wires used in electrical power or distribution systems.  Many of those who are part of the current workforce will be retiring soon, and there is also a need for new skilled labor to replace them.  In an effort to prepare for this, Ameren, a St. Louis-based electricity and natural gas company, has partnered with St. Louis Community College to launch an Overhead Line Pre-Apprentice program. This short, five-week course provides students with pole climbing instruction and practice, as well as time to brush up on critical skills, such as mechanical concepts and math. The community college has established an admissions process that is different from its traditional process, and conducts the pre-apprentice classes to align with Ameren apprentice hiring timeline.

Pacific Gas & Electric’s Solar Schools Program installs photovoltaic solar panel systems in California public schools, provides a solar-based curriculum training package for educators, and teaches K-12 California public school students the importance and application of renewable energy.  PG&E turns schools into hands-on science experiments, where students can monitor their solar panel’s energy output. Since its inception in 2004, PG&E shareholders have contributed more than $9 million to the PG&E Solar Schools program for 125 participating schools, trained 3,000 teachers, and promoted STEM education to 125,000 students.

Gulf Power Company (Southern Company)in conjunction with the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), former state Rep. Holly Benson, and the Escambia and Santa Rosa County School Districts developed the I LOVE Science (Increasing Local Opportunities for Volunteers Enthusiastic about Science) program. I LOVE Science was launched in 2006 to increase the frequency of hands-on science activities in schools, to inspire future scientists, to improve FCAT science scores, and to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for scientists and science enthusiasts.

National Grid’s Energy Utility Technology (EUT) Training Program is a workforce training program conductedat four community colleges in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Participants can earn an EUT Certificate by  take classes in computer applications, technical math, industrial safety and more as part of a two-semester, college-credit program designed by National Grid. Additionally, the program includes a 10-week internship at National Grid’s training facility in Millbury, Massachusetts. Successful graduates of the program are then eligible for job placement at National Grid.  The program is recognized as a national best practice by the Department of Labor.

At 2PM tomorrow, over 3500 organizations, such as these utilities companies, will be showcased on STEMconnector™, but this is only the beginning. STEMConnector will continue to grow its database and seek innovative ways to bring everyone working to promote STEM education together!

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And a special thanks these three great utility companies who are supporting STEMconnector™National Grid, Southern Company, Peabody Energy, and all of our other corporate sponsors!
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